Painted Relics ARPG

Painted Relics is an art roleplaying game set in a fantasy world called Kyvalore. Players can create characters based on two different species set in the world, Avilli, and Voxibells! The game is played by creating either visual or written art, and by doing so, allows you to advance in levels, stats, and create a collaborative story with the community.

In Painted Relics, the story of the world will change based on the decisions and actions of the players in events and story quests. Quests are completed by creating artwork or written work based on the setting and story of the game. By completing quests you earn currency and items that are determined by the quests at hand. The currency and items that you gain can be used to improve characters you own, or work towards new characters in the game!
We have a small and cozy community, and there are staff there to answer your questions if you get stuck!